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Welcome! This blog is 75% Attack on Titan and 25% Legend of Korra/ATLA, with an occasional taste of other fandoms & personal posts. I tag all my ships (mainly #eruri and #korrasami) for your filtering pleasure. I also write and doodle things.

Currently updating fic: He Chose Titans (Erwin/Levi)

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Did some screencaps of the trailer. The images are 1600x900, and while the quality isn’t the best, it’s not bad for YouTube caps, so I figured I’d share in case anyone else has use of them. In case it’s hard to get the proper file sizes off of Tumblr, I uploaded them to TinyPic:

I like that the captcha it gave me for one of the Unalaqs was “basket case”. I don’t need you judging my schediaphila, TinyPic.

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