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A little while ago, I wrote that a friend of mine who was in a cult for a few years is finally breaking free. It was a joyous occasion. :) She’s an extremely brilliant gal who was heavily involved with the organization (a hardworking superstar like her, how could she not climb the ranks and get noticed?), which is one reason why it was such a shock that she got involved with it in the first place. When I thought of cults, I always thought of them as places for mindless drones…but often it’s people who are brilliant and have low self esteem. I was so happy that she was finally stepping outside its walls and seeing that she deserves better. She gave years of her life to that organization, working 16 hours a day, living in commune-like conditions.

But readjusting to life outside is hard…

Yesterday, she posted a photo on Facebook of a letter one of her old cult-sisters wrote to her. It’s horrific.

This person took the time to send her a list of 100 things meant to cut her down, on five pages. Included on the list were things like:

  • I wish I never met you
  • Hypocrite
  • Mediocre
  • You have achieved nothing
  • You won’t make it anywhere else
  • Good for nothing
  • Bitch
  • You’ll end up a failure like your parents
  • Liar
  • Ugly

…it goes ON and ON and ON and it’s just so heartbreaking to see it all there, this list of negativity and vitriol that someone has taken so much time to craft, just to hurt a former friend. My heart is broken for her. This is the lowest, most malicious thing I have ever seen one supposed adult “friend” send to another. Especially when they were living as a “family” for years.

First of all, I’m going to write the exactly opposite of each of those words, and send it to her, because she is amazing, and she needs to hear that.

And second of all, it got me thinking. I remember being hurt like this before, and seeing other people get hurt, too. It’s a reminder of how devastating bullying can be, at any point of life.

If any of you are being bullied, and you need a place to rant about it, my inbox is always open. I want to help. <3

And if any of your friends are going through something like this, please take the time to let them know what an amazing person they are. Words can hurt, but the pain can be lessened with love and support.

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  2. five-of-hearts said: Send her my best regards, and let her know that I think that she’s wonderfully strong for breaking free from that. Send my love, and make sure she’s okay <3
  3. lantur said: Oh my god, that is terrible. I’m so glad that your friend is breaking free of that kind of poisonous environment. :( It must have been so hard for her to read that letter. People can be so vicious.
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