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Oops, I drabbled… [unedited, sorry for typos and stuff]


~Favoured by the Moon~

It’s crack-shipping time!

Ever since I was a little boy, I could feel her watching over me, protecting me. Most children cling to their stuffed toys or their blankets to protect them from the unknown monsters that lurk in their closets, but not me. A crack in the curtains was all that was necessary, just enough to reveal her glow. I would curl up in that blue strip of light, knowing that she would protect me from all that would harm me. 

Sometimes she would visit me in my dreams, and I daresay her beauty imprinted on me in my formative years. She would teach me about the spirits, about our people’s history. “You have a gift,” she would say. “Where other mortals are closed to the spirit realm, you are open.” I was an attentive student, and by day, I began to show signs of these gifts as well. I was taken under the wing of an old hermit named Karik, who had shunned our city life for more traditional, shamanistic ways.

As I grew older, and my body began to take adult form, I found myself falling in love with the beautiful woman who visited me in my dreams. I began to paint her, by day, as I saw her: flowing white hair that rippled around her as if the air were water, lilac gown that clung to her skin as if wet. Karik began to grow concerned that my admiration for the spirits was turning into obsession.

But I knew. I, alone, knew that she favoured me, that I was her chosen one.

On my eighteenth birthday, I finally found the courage to tell her how I felt.

One night, during her visit, I reached over to grab her hand. It was strange how real it felt: I, an apparition of a dream, and she, a creature of the spirit realm. Her palm was warm, flesh and blood.

Her eyes lifted to meet mine, and my stomach dropped, because I saw only regret.

"I am sorry, Unalaq," she said, using my name for the first time. "We can never be."

"But I love you," I blurted, in all my naive enthusiasm.

She gave me a soft, sad smile and cupped her hand to my cheek. “Once upon a time,” she said, “in another lifetime, you and I were lovers. Soulmates, some might say. But I sacrificed that to save our people.”

"I don’t understand," I said.

"My sacrifice that night was not mine alone. Most humans walk the earth in search of their soulmate, knowing that they may one day find them. But your curse, your soul’s curse, is that I can never exist on the mortal plane." Her thumb caressed my cheek. "I am sorry."

"So I’m doomed never to find love?" This was greater than a heartbreak — this was hopelessness, despair. Here I was with my soulmate, flesh-and-blood, but she was never to be mine, and I never to be hers.

"You will find love." She gave a confident nod. "Your soul is strong and your heart is big enough to hold more than one. You will live a long happy life, surrounded by people who trust you and a family you will love. And at the end of it, for one brief moment before you return to the world again, you and I can be together, just as we were right before this lifetime began."

I felt tears rim my eyes as I stared at this impossible beauty; how could I feel so much love for a mere mortal, when such a magnificent spirit had been there my whole life? “Do you love me?” I whispered.

Slowly, she bent forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Your learning is complete," she said. "You are no longer a boy, but a man, fit to lead your people toward the spirituality that they so need."

She began to fade.

"Wait," I called. "Will I ever see you again?"

"I will be watching you from the sky," she said. "Always. Goodbye, Unalaq."

I awoke in tears. I tried desperately to return to sleep so that I could see her again, if just for one more minute. I tried herbs, meditation, trances.

Nothing worked. The woman I had grown to love was nothing but a cold, hard rock in the sky.

In time, I did find love, in a gracious woman who found my tales of the moon goddess’ favour fascinating instead of a threat. Yue was right: my heart is big enough to love two.

And once the twins were born, I made sure that every night, their curtains were open just a crack so that Yue might smile upon them as she smiled upon me.

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