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Welcome! This blog is 75% Attack on Titan and 25% Legend of Korra/ATLA, with an occasional taste of other fandoms & personal posts. I tag all my ships (mainly #eruri and #korrasami) for your filtering pleasure. I also write and doodle things.

Currently updating fic: He Chose Titans (Erwin/Levi)

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Hehe, must be! I got a few new followers after posting the cosplay pics…I think it’s my first time getting followers for non-Amorra reasons, so I can only imagine the confusion. XD

Man, I hope my OTP for Book 2 is a little more mainstream. ^^; Hahaha right. Just watch; it’s going to be like Unalaq/Yue or some shit.

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  1. cafait said: Imagine if the esoteric fan theory that Unalaq and Yakone are related turns out to be true. We’ll all have to find new OTPs.
  2. valkerymillenia said: That was actually the exact thought that crossed my mind when I read the “You ship Amorra?” question. I almost thought it was sarcasm…
  3. lantur said: Unalaq/Yue I SHIP IT ALREADY
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