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turnonred replied to your post: Cosplay ramble~
Paperclay is the nectar of the cosplay gods. Also my face is asymmetrical so I have to make the mask the same or else it doesn’t lay right.

Haha, nectar of the cosplay gods is right. I bought Celluclay by mistake when I was doing the first go of the mask, and I was like, “eh, it’s probably the same.” WRONG — you have to bake-dry it, and it naturally clumps instead of spreads smooth, and my whole mask flared out at the edges because it collapsed under its own weight, and sanding it was like sanding cement. UGH. Paperclay is heaven~

I think face asymmetry is pretty common, right? So I was wondering how people dealt with it, so you just answered my question! My nose/mouth don’t line up so well, so I built the base to fit my face and am trying to sort of retrofit the mask to make it look a bit more symmetrical. The whole mouth needs to slide a few mm to the side, but that’s not so doable, so meh. I’ll be taking most of my pics with my face at 3/4, that’s for sure. XD

  1. turnonred said: celluclay and michaels’ answer to rigid wrap are PIECES OF SHIT. And yeah, mine is asymmetrical so when I made my mask symmetrical while sculpting it it looked crooked.
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