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Cosplay ramble~

So, FanExpo is Saturday, and because I had to really rush my Amon costume at Hallowe’en, I’m going back and fixing some of the stuff I totally rushed. One of them is the mask, which I’m fixing up as best as I can with the time/energy I have at my disposal right now.

Things I am learning:

  1. Paperclay is insanely superior to Celluclay holy shit was I making my life miserable for no reason

  2. actually having the time to gessho/sand more than a couple times makes a huge difference to the texture

  3. when casting an asymmetrical face for a symmetrical mask, adjustments must be made or it looks really wonky

  4. my nose is like the exact opposite of Noatak’s, and trying to fit the mask’s nose around mine is a nightmare


So all that aside, I think it’s coming along pretty well — definitely closer to being on-model than it was last time. Nose is going to be a bit big, but the only way around that was going to be if I made the mask base like an inch thick and then sculpted out his features from that base, and I don’t really have the time or energy for that right now. So meh. Sure people will still recognize me. :P

I really wanted to make some awesome boots (had to rush them last time), but honestly I didn’t expect this fucking illness flare-up to last FOUR DAMNED MONTHS, so that’s off the table. I’ll fix them up a bit, but they’re still going to suck. I tried to go shopping for a good base shoe yesterday, and after being out for an hour, I pretty much folded in on myself and came home and crashed. >_<; Surviving this con is going to be…interesting.

  1. tehslowone said: I still think you’re going to be a fantablous! (yes thats a word) Amon/Noatak!
  2. cafait said: I hope it ends up being fun for you, you deserve props just for cosplaying such a difficult character. (Also I’m v. impressed with the detail and organization of the nose chart).
  3. turnonred said: Paperclay is the nectar of the cosplay gods. Also my face is asymmetrical so I have to make the mask the same or else it doesn’t lay right.
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