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Can we please talk about this scene? I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days and I can’t get it out of my head.

There can be so many things happening in that sexy mind of his and I just want to know WHAT it was.

This is a person who isn’t shaken by anything. Time after time he is defeated and time after time he gets up to fight another day. He got right back up when Korra hit him with a slab of earth. Right on his feet three episodes later and he falls off the pro-bending arena. Comes back in episode 7. Gets bested by his ally’s daughter. Gets hit by a wave of fire and earth from Korra in episode 9 and still runs out to see if he can help Amon (and the guy’s not even flinching or limping in pain). He is whipped in the face by a 10 year-old airbender. He doesn’t even seem to be fazed by being knocked off a cliff by a polar bear dog. This man seems to know no sense of shame and humiliation. He doesn’t care how many times he has to fall. He’ll get back up each time because the cause of equality is more important than his health and life. He is completely devoted to the cause and to his leader. Nothing but death will stop him.

But then, we get THIS. When Korra mentions Amon’s a waterbender, the Lieutenant asks Amon, “what is this nonsense?” and not in a rhetorical way. He seems to indicate he wants a freaking answer. Amon actually acknowledges this and turns his head towards the Lieutenant. It’s almost like a “I’ll talk to you about this later” kind of thing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can just tell based off their body language with one another that these two have their own code of sorts. It’s really subtle throughout all the series but having watched the season once more, and paying really close attention to what the lieutenant says and does because I am obsessed with him it’s there. This is one those moments.

And, you have to pay attention, but the Lieutenant keeps his eyes on Amon while Amon turns back to Korra. And, you have to be obsessed like I am, his eyes narrow.

His eyes narrow at Amon.

Like, Lieutenant really wants an explanation and he wants one fucking now, Amon. Don’t just sidestep my question, douche, answer me.

Then Korra says that Amon is Yakone’s son and Tarrlok’s brother and then the scene above happens.

And I just want to know WHAT the Lieutenant is thinking about. What little scenes he has seen beforehand that causes a man so dedicated and resilient to actually consider his enemy’s accusations. The way he looks down and grimaces, it’s like something he had seen before didn’t add up and Amon gave him, as always, a logical and clear explanation. But now with this new information, he could potentially realize said explanation is utter BS because this one makes a hell of lot more sense. What did you see, Lieutenant? What do you know?

Tell me, tell me, tell me.

“Don’t just sidestep my question, douche, answer me.”

But srs.  Loved this scene.  All of my feels. @@

I’ve been wondering if, ever since the incident versus Tarrlok, the wheels have been spinning in his head: How did Amon resist it? Given that he seems to be a modern man who is wanting to move past spiritual things like bending, maybe he doesn’t really buy the “gift from the spirits” BS, and the idea that Amon might be a bloodbender suddenly makes everything click into place.

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