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Korra’s just found out the best healer in the world can’t do anything for her. Her last hope to hang onto the identity she’s had since childhood is gone. Mako tells her he loves her; she tells him to go away, that she’s “not the Avatar anymore.” Her misery calls back to the dream she had in “The Voice In The Night,” where her own subconscious—dressed as scary Amon—tells her “Once I take your bending away, you will be nothing.” Korra goes out to a cliff, and walks up to the very, very edge—she’s close enough that from her looking-down POV we see a tear actually falling all the way down the side of the cliff, which means her head is leaning out over the drop. I can’t think of a reason to use that specific shot unless it’s to imply that she went up there to throw herself off the cliff. (via Reddit)

I am really astounded by the parallel between these two characters. In my opinion, Amon let Tarlock kill them both. He and his brother committed suicide. But Korra chose life. Where the brothers gave in to misery, Korra chose hope. And that as what brought her the spiritual link she was missing. Korra and Amon are mirror images of how people respond to despair. Sometimes we change; sometimes we don’t. (Reddit.)

It was absolutely contemplating suicide. Korra knows how the Avatar cycle works, and with her unable to access all the elements she wouldn’t properly be able to fulfill her Avatar duties and really doing a disservice to the world. Killing herself would allow an Earthbending avatar to be born, one who would be able to learn again instead of wasting time for the possibility of Korra’s elements to come back, if they ever would have without spirit interference. (Reddit 3.)

New headcanon, folks.

I don’t think it’s just headcanon…I think it was strongly implied. This is exactly what I got out of it as well.

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